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During the translation from a native/first language to English there can be many variables in translations, some based upon cultural differences, some due to geographic location and applicability, some as part of a “Community Collective Consciousness.” Whatever the basis of translation it never has the same meaning to the person reading the translation as it does to the person experiencing the original situation.

Usbong Ng Pagbabago Para Sa Katutubong Pilipino (UNPPSKP)

These words roughly translate to: The Rising Changes for the Philippines Indigenous People.

To the people of the Philippines, these words create and embody the image, idea and concept of the re-emergence of the cultural values, self-sufficiency and pride of the original tribal system of the Philippine Archipelagos.

With over 600 years of foreign control and domination, this new emergence is a source of hope and pride for the people.

GLOBAL INDEPENDENT MEDIA is an IRS approved 501 C 3 non profit corporation whose mission is to promote and supply support to stories which would otherwise not be told, often times because of political incorrectness or governmental embarrassment/social acceptability.

All donations, contributions and gifts to Global Independent Media are tax deductible unless you are otherwise advised by your tax professional.

In the case of UNPPSKP, we will be supporting, promoting and helping to refamiliarize the tribal groups with the acquisition and production of sustainable food supplies, fresh, potable water and skills that will provide an inter-community revenue stream allowing for continued growth and Tribal prosperity.

Our production partners in both the United States and Canada will assist one another in the production and distribution of a television/streaming series to both document the Tribal advances and help to enlighten the public as to their plight.

No one Tribal group will be singled out as the subject for this project as the goal is to help everyone in an equitable manner. Due to strategic planning and community cooperation, we will need to start in one region and work our way outwards, as production profits and time dictate or until such time as the projects are turned over to complete Tribal control.

Based upon an agreement with Tribal representatives, 90% of all donations and 75% of all production profits will be returned to the project and used to further the Tribal needs and goals.

To make a contribution to support this project, visit the Global Independent Media support page.

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