Genie in the Sippy Cup

GENIE IN THE SIPPIE CUP is about إ وهو إس ستوك إن ثي لمب، إ وهو إس ستوك إن ذي لمب “Bob” for short, a 3500 year old Genie that has seen more than his share of the good, bad and ugly of the world.

Trapped in a lamp by an ancient evil wizard, Bob must go from century to century hearing the same old things and granting the same old wishes hoping that just once someone will have the wisdom to wish for something…no, anything truly worthwhile.

One day as he is sitting in his lamp reading an ancient book on magic, he is interrupted as two little girls find and purchase his lamp.

Oh well, here we go again…or do we.

Based upon five years of bedtime stories, GENIE IN THE SIPPIE CUP is meant to entertain and instill a sense of right and wrong, good and evil, just as the fables of our parents and their parents parents did.

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